A wasp nest in a house loft in Taunton
A wasp making a nest near Taunton
A wasp nest in a hedge.

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We can treat all types of Wasp and Hornets Nests quickly and efficiently at an economical charge.


We guarantee any nests we treat.  Should there be any further activity we will treat the nest again free of charge.


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How do you know if you have a nest.


You will see wasps flying in and out of one particular place with a direct flight pattern to and from the entrance this maybe within a hedge, bank or under the house fascia. You may see a structure as in the photos .This will indicate you have a nest.


If you see them flying around you chimney there is 99.9% chance that they are Honey Bees.


If the wasps are just all over a shrub,tree or hedge and they appear not to be entering in one place they will be feeding from the sap and no control can be offered.


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We carry out wasp nest removal in taunton and other areas also all types of pest control.